About EA-Safariadvisor

The website is a directory of hotels, accommodation, transport, safaris, and tourist attractions in East Africa. The purpose is to provide travellers with a useful guide to places and services that suit their needs and budget. Our directory has all you need to plan and have the perfect trip.

We are not an agency so we do not arrange bookings or check availability of rooms and we do not charge you a fee. Contact details are included so that you can make enquires and bookings direct with your chosen provider.

Property descriptions have been produced by providers themselves to help you decide if the accommodation or service is suited to your needs. You should check any important details with the provider when you make your enquires.

Whether you plan to visit Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi or Ethiopia, you should be able to locate accommodation that meets your requirements in this guide.

We hope that you will find the directory useful and that it will be a helpful guide towards a great holiday in East Africa.

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