About Burundi

The smallest of the countries in the African Great Lakes region, Burundi has now moved on from years of civil war. The country rises from Lake Tanganyika in the west–where some of the best inland beaches in Africa, and the capital, Bujumbura, are situated–to a fertile escarpment where tea, coffee and sugar are produced.

A large rock 12 km south of Bujumbura commemorates the spot where in 1871 Stanley said the immortal words ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume.’ (Although some say this actually happened in Tanzania.) Burundi is also the southernmost source of the Nile.

Tourist Information
The Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve is a great place to see aquatic migratory birds; while Kibira National Park, at the apex of the Zaire-Nile, is the country’s largest untouched natural area with 40,000 hectares of forest—with a large number of different kinds of primates.

Burundi’s international airport is located at the capital Bujumbura. There are six other airports throughout the country offering domestic flights. Other than flying, motor travel is the main way to get around.

Kirundi, French and Swahili are spoken in Burundi.


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